Zivrap Education is simply extraordinary 

We don’t teach in any way except the Zivrap Way. And that means turning education on its head. We don’t follow conventional rules – we follow our own rules. We believe in a fun, happy, creative, thinking-outside-of-the-box, wider-application educational culture. The Zivrap Way builds strong foundations that are built from granular techniques and skills which we teach in our own unique style - then we build on this to breed confidence and excitement around education. We’ve built our own method of learning and curriculum that really breeds results for all students aged 5 - 18. 


Reading, writing, public speaking and elocution form the core of our education. We believe that with strength across these core skills, all students have the ability to succeed. Our students learn to read analytically, write beautifully, speak and articulate with ease, debate with clarity, present with confidence, lead with grace and intellect and critically evaluate the world around them. Zivrap students effectively grow into the next generation of strong thinkers, writers, speakers, doers and go-getters.

That’s what makes Zivrap Education so very Extraordinary!


What We Do...


Zivrap Education specialises in high quality training that breeds extraordinary results. Our 5 different training programmes interweave and compliment one another, giving rise to a truly extraordinary education. Students can focus on one programme or pick up two or three. The "Zivrap way" is to create training that fills in student gaps in knowledge, skill and confidence to create a programme that is extraordinary and tailored to fit individual needs and requirements.  Students can train with us for general development or to fulfil specific exam requirements.


Creative Writing


School Entrace Exams

(8+, 11+, 13+)






Growth Mindset

Healthy Choices


Financial Savvy

Public Speaking

Elocution | Articulation






Zivrap Education is simply extraordinary 


Zivrap students are both happy and successful. Our students learn effortlessly and develop a zest for learning.  The Zivrap Ethos is to train students beyond the realms of being "book smart." Zivrap students morph and develop into intelligent young beings, with broad horizons who can critically analyse, articulate, read, write, lead, opine and speak with confidence, ease and panache. And with a plethora of smiling, happy and successful kids enrolled as part of the Zivrap Community, the results speak for themselves! 


Our Aim


Our aim is to transform kids and young adults into confident, articulate, intelligent and happy young people by making education effortless and interesting.

We believe in an educational process that has community at the centre of it and we work to create an environment that is supportive, encouraging and nurturing.

We work with students online from the age of 5 to 12 with our online books, check them out:

We also work with students aged 6 to 18 at our studio with:

Our students fall in love with the written and spoken  English language and develop a passion for learning.


We know that for most students, speaking in front of a crowd, comprehension and analysis of texts, writing beautiful English pieces and grappling with the examinations process can be daunting, confusing, pressurised and scary.


We aim to make all of that easier.


Our Products, Workshops, Clubs and Camps


Zivrap kids are happy kids

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