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The Zivrap Education Teaching Syllabus is unique - it is no ordinary training programme but there is method in our madness and the proof is in the pudding, so as to speak, because every one of our students succeeds!  

We aren't didactic, we aren't pressurising, we aren't stressful. We are exciting and interesting and brilliant and we make each and every one of our students happy and successful. We do this effortlessly and without the pain. We take the time to understand what students need making our education both bespoke and extraordinary. Our students aren't just book smart, they morph into intelligent young beings who can critically analyse, articulate, read, write, lead and opine with ease and panache. And with a plethora of smiling, happy and successful kids enrolled as part of the Zivrap Community, the results speak for themselves! 

Our Training

Our Programmes (Visit 'Our Programmes' above for further information):

ELOCUTE! by Zivrap Education®

READ!&WRITE by Zivrap Education®

LEAD! By Zivrap EducationTM

HAPPY!&HEALTHY! by Zivrap Education®

MONEY! By Zivrap EducationTM 

Train For General Improvement: Public Speaking, Elocution, Interview, Debate, Creative Writing, Comprehension, Literature Analysis, Leadership, Law & Politics, Current Affairs & Socio-economics, Critical Thinking and Analysis

Train For Examinations: 8+, 11+, 13+ English Writing, Comprehension, Interview and Verbal Reasoning; GCSE English; A-Level English, LAMDA examinations; Trinity College London Examinations.


Our Aim

Our aim is to transform kids and young adults aged 6-18  into confident, articulate, intelligent and happy young people by making education effortless, engaging, exciting and awe-inspiring. In a nutshell, we make EDUCATION an EXTRAORDINARY process.

Our students fall in love with the written and spoken  English language and develop a passion for learning. We know that for most students, speaking in front of a crowd, fully comprehending and analysing texts, writing beautiful English pieces and grappling with the examinations process can be daunting, confusing, pressurised and scary. With our unique training , we make to make all of that easier.

Furthermore, sitting at the heart of our programme structure and syllabus is the drive to ensure that all of our students should broaden their horizons and develop an intelligent world view with an understanding of people and how the world around them functions.


From our online books and activities (see Press Play Books by Zivrap Education® ) and Weekly one-to-one and small group sessions  as well as our highly entertaining and enjoyable Workshops, Clubs and Camps which take place online and at our studio to our Educational Games and  which you can enjoy from the comfort of home, there's something exciting here for everyone.

We also believe in an educational process that has community at the centre of it and so we have created an environment that is supportive, encouraging and nurturing. Our students learn to work together, help each other, learn together and succeed together. It's a remarkable environment in which our students learn and thrive.  

Who Benefits?

If your child is afraid of Public Speaking, needs help articulating themselves clearly and confidently, struggles general confidence, finds Reading and Creative Writing difficult or "boring" or says that they hate Comprehension, we can help!  Not only that, we get results. :-)


With our sessions and products, we've taken students in all of these categories to the top of the class with ease and panache.

If you think that your child could benefit from our training and would be keen for some direction as to where they should start, please drop us a note on or Whatsapp us on 07525233814.

Alternatively, you can get started now by setting up your Meet!&Greet! for weekly sessions or by signing up for one of our Clubs, Workshops or buying our Educational Products below.

Our Products, Workshops, Clubs and Camps

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