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11+ Package

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We train students in the realms of Creative Writing, Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Interview and Critical Thinking. We also run a Speed Thinking Course a couple of times in the year. At Zivrap Education, we have found that  whilst our 11+ specific courses breed wonderful results, the students who develop the most take advantage of all of our training programmes, not just those specific to the 11+.


So whilst we have weekly and holiday 11+ courses specifically geared towards the 11+and detailed Interview Training in the autumn term, we also recommend that students take advantage of our Debate and Leadership Clubs. Therefore, we have created three different Termly Packages for students to help them get the most out of our training and bring those marks right up!









We recommend that for the best results, students start with us one year before they are due to start applying for the 11+. However, we do work with some students under the time pressure of just 1or two terms, and we see some wonderful results here too.

To organise one-to-one sessions outside of these packages, please contact us by email or WhatsApp to discuss options.

We also organise meetings with all parents to discuss entry options, training options and to provide a few tips to making the 11+ process as simple and as stress-free as possible.

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