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We hate to brag, but we simply have to tell you about our students’ achievements. You see, every Zivrap student achieves. Either they achieve personally, or they gain accolade - their grades start climbing at school, they win awards or they gain Distinctions and top marks in external examinations.  In the latest tranche of external Public Speaking and Communication examinations in 2021, 87% of our students were awarded Distiction marks and the remaining 13% were only a few points off a Distinction. This places Zivrap Students at the top of the National ranking and makes them truly outstanding.

We must confess that we never train to win. We train to develop skill and confidence. The results are just the outcome of a process that works and serve as the best reflection that we can provide of the potential that Zivrap Education manages to hone and unlock. 


Every Summer, we jump for joy as the results come pouring in. Every year our students outdo themselves and surpass our expectations. We could not be prouder.  

At the end of each academic year our students come bounding into the studio (or on to Zoom during the Pandemic) to tell us about the prize they won at school. From Progress Prizes to Public Speaking Prizes to English and Poetry Competition Prizes - we hear about all of these. 


%Age Distinction Marks AWARDED IN External Public Speaking Exams in 2021

%age of Students awarded Distinction Marks External Public Speaking Exams

External Public Speaking Exams
Highest mark received by a Zivrap Student

11+ Exams
%Age of students gaining entry to their First Choice School

11+ Exams
Highest %age Scholarship Awarded to a Zivrap Student

%Age of GCSE | A-Level Students GainING A/A* or 8/9 Grade

For some students it takes time to reach these lofty heights and so we celebrate every little win along the way knowing that it is just a matter of time. Remember, these results are not imperative they are a by-product of something more important – growth and development. Every student is different and an individual and our job is to help each of them reach their full potential. 

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