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Girls Its Your World...Own it!


Being a Teenage Girl is a confusing time. This permeates into every aspect of a girl's life.


So, by talking to our students and combining elements from our Core and Supplementary Programmes, we've got a podcast to help navigate those confusing times and help every girl take charge of her world. 

In short, we're here to help every week, and we have the answers.

How this programme helps:
Confidence building. Articulation of ideas, educational support, social support, combating issues surrounding peer groups and social media, self-worth, self-determination.

We cover a whole host of questions and topics, including:
What sort of girl should I be?
How do I command respect?
Do you really want to spread that gossip?
How do I cope with down days? 

How do I assert myself? 
Boys are just like you...human.
And much, much more...

We're keen to help in every way we can and so encourage listeners to send in the issues that they are grappling with via email, and we'll find the right advice and approach and incorporate it into our next podcasts. Sign up today, cancel any time.