Leadership Superheros
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Confidence comes in many forms. Whilst foundation and skill is one, learning about people and the world around you provides you with an assuredness that sets you up for life ahead. 

As a result, Zivrap Education developed yet another programme to help students develop beyond the world of "book smarts" developing those skills that set you up for life and make students confident to make decisions with clarity and ease.

Adding these skills to those of Public Speaking and Writing either through our weekend clubs or holiday programmes has helped our students become more self-assured and sure-footed.  It has moulded many of our students into the leaders of tomorrow. 

We don't believe that legal or political understanding is beyond the realm of a young mind. We believe that our young students are capable of excelling across the board. And year on year, with Zivrap training, they prove that they really are. 

For further information email: info@zivrap.com or Whatsapp the team on: 07525233814.