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IT's your World! Own It!

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Being a teenager can be a tricky, awkward time. It’s a time of growth and development, a time when you are working out your place in the world and the pecking order, a time when you are working out what it is that you value and who you are - and all of this on the backdrop of examinations looming that have such a collosal effect on your future prospects. You aren’t even allowed to vote yet, but you have to make huge and important decisions about your future. You aren’t yet an adult and yet often expected to be. It’s a confusing and a complicated time. 

We understand. And so we’ve created a podcast to help teenagers navigate exam pressures, life pressures, think about who they want to be. We aim to give them good and sensible role models, worked examples, a psychological and biological understanding of what’s happening in their lives and how to cope with it all. We aim to help teenagers make good, considered and positive decisions that will help them build a future that is happy, wholesome and rich. 

Being a teenager can be tricky. We aim to make it all so much easier.  

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