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Elocute - Speaking Genius


Training students to communicate with confidence and clarity sits at the very heart of this programme. 

We have developed our own unique syllabus with highly specialised, high-quality training and have been changing the lives of kids who struggle with communication, articulation and confidence. These same kids now have a world of opportunity at their feet and success in every facet of their lives has followed very naturally.  As one parent once told us, "This programme works wonders. It is simply magical!"

Year-on-year our students gain top marks in Public Speaking exams with recognized examination boards LAMDA & Trinity College London and win awards and accolade effortlessly. Between 85 - 100% of our students receive Distinctions in external examinations every year. But more than that, they develop unshakeable confidence and a method of speaking in public that is socially conscious and nothing short of mesmerising. We could not be prouder of each of their personal achievements.

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