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Why is the programme called Zivrap Education?

The programme was begun by a young woman called Parviz. When Parviz was a girl at school, one of her nicknames was Zivrap –and it stuck! Years down the line after qualifying as a Doctor, attaining her Masters and studying Philosophy, Ethics and Law, she began Zivrap Education. Alongside studying part-time and working full-time, Parviz also worked as a volunteer for a number of charity organisations that worked with schools. She noticed here that some students were being overlooked because they could not articulate their ideas clearly or properly both in speaking and in writing –even if they had the best ideas in the room. She recognised that this was a problem and it wasn’t being addressed by schools. Furthermore, she noticed that education had become so results-oriented that it was forgetting to build foundations or make education interesting and relevant. So she decided to turn the education system that we have today on its head and developed a programme with her mother who was a qualified teacher. And pretty soon Zivrap Education was born and soon after that, the extraordinary results came flooding in and so did the recommendations -so they knew that their programme not only worked but was being credited with changing lives! 

Why are Zivrap Kids happy kids?

Because they learn to love education. So many of our students tell us that our programme is “better than school” and that we are the “best teachers in the world!”  We spend every session having fun but learning at the same time. And the best part of the team’s day is when students run into the studio with massive grins on their faces eager to learn.

What do we teach?

We teach Public Speaking, Elocution, Reading, Writing, Leadership Skills and much more. The main thing that you need to know about our programme is that it isn’t boring and it is nothing like a school or a tutoring centre. As one of our students told us, it’s “worldly.”  We not only teach our students how to speak and how to read and write but how to do this with panache and an understanding of wider application. This means that whilst getting an education in the skills associated with speaking and in literature, they are also getting an education in about the world in which they live. 

When you say elocution, do you mean Queen’s English?

We mean ensuring that students are clear and understandable. We aren’t teaching them to speak like the Queen but we are teaching them how to speak in a clear manner both from a mechanical perspective as well as a modulating perspective. This allows them to have a voice that will be heard and taken seriously. Our students regularly tell us that, having trained with us, people now listen to them and take them seriously. When we hear this, we jump for joy!

Do you train students for the 8+, 11+ and 13+ Exams?

We train our students for all of these examinations in Comprehension, Creative Writing, Verbal Reasoning and Interview. Over the years, we’ve perfected our skills in these domains, created our own unique way of teaching and our own syllabus for these and our students excel in every one of these fields. On the strength of their training with us, our students have gained places at all of the top schools in London including Westminster, Eaton, St Paul’s Girls and Boys, Godolphin, Kings College School, Putney High, Latymer, Francis Holland and many more. A good number of our students have received scholarships and accolades from prospective schools for their English and Interview skills during the application process.  We don’t cover maths as maths is quite binary and we wanted to specialise in the area that was more subjective and nuanced.

What is elocution and why do you teach it?

At Zivrap Education we believe that communication and the ability to communicate effectively is key to a child’s ability to develop and learn. Students who struggle with any aspect of communication or are shy often become frustrated and fall behind at school, often being overlooked despite their intelligence. Fixing this issue and providing these students with the means to communicate effectively, makes such a discernible difference and completely transforms and changes their lives. We see it at our studio every single day. And it's one of the reasons that we absolutely adore what we do!

What do students get out of this programme? What do they achieve?

We are always amazed by what students who enrol on the Zivrap programme begin to achieve both in and out of school. At the very simplest level, our students tell us that“people finally listen” to them and what they have to say or that they “finally have the confidence to speak”to their peers or in public. At the more results-oriented end, all of our students begin to achieve. They start to win medals, trophies and accolades at school. What’s more, every year between 85-100% of Zivrap students receive Distinction marks in the LAMDA and Trinity College Public Speaking Examinations when trained by us.

Our students also become proficient readers and writers, writing beautifully and engaging their creative imagination. They often tell us that they “used to hate English and now love it” or they tell us that they used to “hate books but now books are the best” and our favourite comment came from a young student who once exclaimed, “I feel like Shakespeare!”Year on year, our students also gain entry in the top and most sought after schools in London. These students train with us for their 8+, 11+ or 13+ English, Verbal Reasoning and Interview skills and these same students often receive feedback from these schools on how impressed the schools have been with the level of both written and spoken English throughout the plusses process.

We also train students in GCSE and A-Level English and year on year all of our students are awarded 8s and 9s (A/A*). Here students learn to analyse texts with depth and confidence that goes beyond the realms of what is taught in schools. We couldn’t be prouder of the programme we have developed here.

We also believe that students should be worldly and well-rounded. So we also run our LEAD! and our HAPPY! & HEALTHY! And MONEY sessions as weekly clubs or holiday events. These are intended to boost confidence, help them understand people and themselves and help them plan, budget and understand their future. Essentially we future-proof our students to help give them the best footing in life going forward.

So whether your child wants to learn for personal growth or specifically for exams, we have something here for everyone.

Do all students need to be top of their class to attend?

Not at all! We welcome students of all abilities. In fact, we love to help a student unlock their potential because we believe that every child has the capacity to succeed with the right guidance and the right backing....and what’s more we’ve proved it! We train students from both the state and private sector and after a while there is no difference in their ability and skill.

How old are the students that you teach?

We teach students fromthe age of 6 all the way up to and including the age of 18. However students aged 5 are able to train with us online via our Press Play Books Subscription which provides training for students from the age of 5 all the way to the age of 13.

What is the benefit of taking the LAMDA and the Trinity College Public Speaking Examinations?

We believe that giving students a goal helps to focus their mind. Aside from goal setting, we have found ways to use these exams to help students develop literacy and a worldview. Therefore these exams not only look great when students are applying for University, but they also provide them with a great foundation across the programmes that we offer.

What is the benefitof Subscribing to Press Play Books by Zivrap Education®?

Independent learning is an important part of the learning process. Press Play Books allows students to learn in their own time in a manner that is directed but independent. This programme allows students to grow and develop beyond the realm of the studio and learn from their own mistakes –which is an important part of the learning process. The programme is also designed to assist students with vocabulary development and writing structure in a creative, challenging and interactive way. The learning in this programme has been specifically designed to help students learn quickly and assimilate their knowledge into their everyday work at school. Students who have subscribed to Press Play Books by Zivrap Education® in the past have been awarded scholarships with English strength cited as a core reason for the award.

What is the benefit of Subscribing to It’s Your World... Own It!TM  ?

Being a Teenager is a confusing time with multiple pressures. And whilst this programme may feel peripheral to education, we have come to recognise that mentoring and coaching teenagers to remain focussed, understand and own who they are enables them to become more confident through their educational process. This is an important part of laying the foundations for a stable education. This series of podcasts has been developed based on conversations that we’ve had with our Teenage students, which they have told us have assisted them enormously in terms of their growth and development and their educational future. Parents too have been thrilled by the advice and guidance provided - especially at an age where they complain that their children will listen to anybody but themselves!

How old are the students that you teach?

We teach students from the age of 6 all the way up to and including the age of 18.

Where are we based?

Our happy studio is based in a beautiful courtyard in Fulham. However we were teaching students from all over the UK and abroad online successfully for 5 years before the Coronavirus pandemic swept the globe. Over the Coronavirus period, it was therefore easy for us to transition to an online system. As the programme is lead by a former Doctor, we are following the science, tracking changes and operating cautiously for the time being. Therefore we are currently running all of our sessions online. We hope that we will return to the studio in September 2021, however we are exercising a degree of flexibility as the Pandemic progresses. Beyond the Pandemic, we will continue running online sessions for those who need them. :-D

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