Will sessions be boring/"dry?"

Absolutely not! We are always working out ways to make sessions more exciting. Our students always come running into the studio and leave with a smile.

Will there be lots of Homework?

We're definitely not here to make your week more difficult. We take a view as to whether homework is necessary depending on the child, the programme that they are enrolled on to. 

Will I be pushed?

No! However you will be challenged. 

What does it mean to be part of the Zivrap Community?

It means making new friends and being a part of an excellent support system. 

What do I need to bring?

Nothing. Just your brain!

Do I need to be here every week?

If you are enrolled with us for weekly sessions, consistency is the key to success. We ask that students attend a minimum of 80% of their sessions in order to continue holding your place. However we understand the need for flexibility at times and so we are happy to reschedule sessions if we can accomodate.

Do you involve Parents?

Only where we feel it will help. Mostly we encourage a "pressure's-off,"  environments and assist our students to become self-motivated, independent learning.

More questions? Attend our Meet&Greet!