Our Programmes

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Core Weekly Programmes:

Speaking Geniuses 
English Reading and Writing Wizards
  • Public Speaking

  • Interview

  • Debate

  • Diction & Articulation

  • Current Affairs and Politics

  • LAMDA & Trinity Communication Skills

  • Weekly Sessions

  • Holiday Workshops and Weekly Clubs

  • Comprehension

  • Text Analysis

  • Creative Writing

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • 8+, 11+, 13+, GCSE, A-Level

  • Weekly Sessions

  • Accelerate Boost Consolidate (ABC) Workshops

  • Weekly Clubs

Supplementary Programmes:

Leadership Superheros
Healthy Choice Gurus

Financial Magicians

  • Confidence Building

  • Strategy

  • Leadership Styles

  • Teamworking Skills

  • Current Affairs and Politics

  • Holiday Workshops and Weekly Clubs

  • Healthy Choices

  • Life/Stress Coping strategies

  • Mental Strength

  • Happy Balance

  • Holiday Workshops and Weekly Clubs

  • Money Value

  • Financial Savvy

  • How Money Works

  • Budgeting

  • Business Planning

  • Holiday Workshops and Weekly Clubs

Online Programmes:

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  • Aimed at ages 5-13

  • Online Subscriptions

  • Helps with Comprehension, Creative Writing, Contextual Vocabulary Expansion.

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  • Aimed at Teenage girls

  • Online Subscriptions

  • Helps with confidence building, navigating teenage years, leadership, 

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How to train with us...

We offer numerous training environments in which students can learn depending on a student's learning requirements: Click here for more information.

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