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Co-Founder & CEO

Parviz won her first medal for Public Speaking at the age of 5. She went on to win trophies and cups and grow in skill in her domain. She won competitions, trophies and numerous debates and surfed through interviews with ease. 

What Parviz recognised was that her ability to articulate herself both in terms of her writing and in terms of her speaking ability opened doors for her in a way that it did not for her peers. Whilst studying for her Medical degree, she became the youngest Vice-Chair of the Young Enterprise Regional Board, and then the youngest person to be accepted to study for her Masters and the youngest panellist on a Medical Tribunal.

She recognised that these two life skills made her stand out amongst her peers. She wanted to help the next generation to gain the confidence and skill that she had acquired in her lifetime in the hope that it would open doors for them too.

Parviz also had a passion for learning-collecting a whole host of degrees and diplomas in Medicine, Medical Ethics and Law, Law, Philosophy and Public Speaking and Communication with Trinity and LAMDA and she is currently studying educational psychology. Throughout this process, she discovered that she had the capacity to take in and retain huge swathes of material and that her method of learning and teaching could be helpful to others.

Parviz wanted to create a new way of educating that bred results effortlessly. And one fortuitous day all of her dreams about teaching and shaping the next generation collided and Zivrap Education was born with its very own unique syllabus and its own unique way of teaching and learning.


Yasmin   Cert ed, JP

Teaching Lead

Yasmin always recognised the importance and beauty of the English Language and had her first poetry book published at the age of 16.

She grew and developed her skill. Working first in Libraries across London and eventually teaching English. Her love for the English language and Social Justice eventually led her to acquire the role of Magistrate within the community–a role that she has cherished enormously.

She too saw that students who could read beautifully, articulate themselves clearly could lead and succeed.

One fortuitous day, over a cup of steaming coffee, she teamed up with Parviz to create the perfect programme. And the results speak for themselves. Yasmin says that “every year we find ourselves astounded by the results. At the end of the academic year, we take stock and note that every single one of our students has succeeded in some way from winning prizes or accolades in and out of school, being awarded Distinctionsin in external examinations, to gaining entry and scholarships into the top schools in London.

Most importantly they all growin skill and ability and confidence. It’s an amazing place to work that’s filled with laughter, happiness, success and joy the results speak for themselves.”Ever committed to education, Yasmin is also currently studying educational psychology.


Denise EQF 4

Social Media Manager

Denise joined Zivrap Education in 2021 after a few Zoom interviews where there was an instant connection to the team! Her background in technology grew into the digital marketing and digital design realm. 


When Denise met the Zivrap team, it was a match made in creativity and personality heaven as they discussed, debated and planned for the future. Denise always had a passion for the arts and as a young girl was involved with Performance Theatre and Public Debates in Portugal.


This creative flair has now spilt over into a passion for digital design, photography and marketing which was predominantly self-taught due to her continued thirst for knowledge. 


It took her to work for Microsoft Dynamics & Teams as well as the study of Social Media management and one of her pet projects along the way was a project helping those who had never touched a computer before in their lives learn how to.


Denise is a perfect match for Zivrap Education and we absolutely adore her creative addition to the team! 

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