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IMAGINE never being stressed about Creative Writing or Comprehension Homework ever again!

Created by successful educators, loved by students, trusted by parents. 

Press Play Books by Zivrap Education®  is the ultimate online learning resource for ages 6-12.

 We've spent years researching why students struggle to read and write and we've incorporated our tried and tested solutions into this online content.  With proven results, we know that it works! 


Imagine a BIG GRIN plastered on your child's face as they can't stop reading, writing and admiring the English language!


At Zivrap Education, we don't believe that our students should only write quantity. We believe that every word they write should be quality. 


We don't believe that children should read just for the sake of reading either. We believe that they should learn the art of analysis and develop a deep appreciation for the flow of language.

And so, we set about creating the perfect, age-appropriate resource that does all of that. And best of all, it's tried and tested and leads to phenomenal success.

Our students go from hating English to top of the class effortlessly  - and without ever intending to compete. The secret? We ignite their imagination and they fall in love with the English language.

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With a sprinkling of our special magic, bags of enthusiasm and tonnes of inspiration Press Play Books by Zivrap Education® brings about results that are nothing short of exceptional. 

We've created endless learning through endless fun with an exhilarating array of interactive audio-visual books, stories and tutorials packed with delightful illustrations, delicious activities, diabolical adventures and devilish challenges designed specifically to make literature delectable! 

Oh, and one last thing! Because we believe in the power of the pen, we've found a way to encourage students to improve their penmanship with the use of old-fashioned pen and paper alongside new technology. 


Press Play Books by Zivrap Education®  is truly an extraordinary experience for its subscribers!  And all of this for far less than the cost of a Tutor!


" Love what you've created, very inspiring!"

Lovely feedback from the SW1 Mums' Newsletter.


Our Parents tell us they See an Improvement in:

Creative Writing


Contextual Vocabulary Expansion

Use of Technique


Literature Analysis

Diction and Articulation

Critical Thinking


Language Appreciation and Flow

Laughter, Fun and Happiness

A Love for Writing 


A Passion for Reading.


" Thank you for making my children love the English Language and achieve wonderful results!  It's amazing!"

A thank you note from one of our lovely mums.

With three different levels, students can challenge themselves

and jump from one level to the next with ease:

I'm Fun! : Suitable for ages 6-7

I'm an Adventure! : Suitable for ages 8-12 

I'm a Challenge! : Suitable for ages 10-12 with extra challenge thrown in!

What are you waiting for?

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