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" Love what you've created, very inspiring!"

Lovely feedback from the SW1 Mums' Newsletter.

Join our interactive programme from the comfort of your home!

Audio-visual stories packed with Activities, Adventures and challenges that make literacy skills soar

This programme truly makes education an extraordinary experience for its subscribers! 

You'll See an Improvement in:

Creative Writing


Contextual Vocabulary Expansion

Contextual Use of Writing Techniques

Literature Analysis

Diction and Articulation

Critical Thinking


Language Appreciation and Flow

Laughter, Fun and Happiness

A Love for Writing 

A Passion for Reading. 

Watch in any order and as many times as you like.

Stories are labelled as follows so you can pick the best one for you!

I'm Fun! : Suitable for ages 5-7

I'm an Adventure! : Suitable for ages 8-12 

I'm a Challenge! : Suitable for ages 8-12 with extra challenge thrown in!