This February Half Term, Zivrap Education is teaming up with Samba Soccer for this exciting 3-day Workshop aimed at honing leadership, strategy and critical thinking both on and off the pitch.


Samba Soccer: Bringing you the Soccer though a unique programme that combines Soccer with Brazilian culture; teaching students the flair and freedom that epitomises the Brazillian game. Students gain confidence, skill and discipline. For this workshop, Samba Soccer will teach students the imporance of strong leadership and strategy on the pitch. 


Zivrap Education: Bringing you the Smarts. With their unqiue brand of interactive, fun-filled and creative workshops, Zivrap education will run games and workshops in Leadership and Strategy games as well as improving students' critical thinking and public speaking abilities through the medium of Debate. On the last day students will also learn how to look after their health with tips from a qualified Doctor.


Day 1: Leadership

Day 2: Critical Thinking

Day 3: Health and Balance


Dates: Monday the 17th- Wednesday the 19th of February 2020

Times: 9am-3pm

Location: Zivrap Studios and Samba Soccer HQ  (Bramber Court) and Normand Croft School both locatedwithin walking distance of one another on Bramber Road W14 9PW.

Meeting Point: Zivrap Studios, 2 Bramber Court, W14 9PW


Cost: £235 for 3 days OR £99 per day


On booking through the site, you will receive email confirmation. We'll then send out further information re kit etc closer to the time. 

17th-19th Feb- Soccer&Smarts - Leadership, Strategy, Critical Thinking