5 days, 5 Programmes, 5 Skill Sets. 


Over 5 wonderful mornings, your child will have the opportunity to expereince:


Day 1: Debate

Day 2: Creative Writing

Day 3: Leadership Workshops

Day 4: Happy & Healthy Workshops

Day 5: Money Workshops


Each day will ensure that students read, write, speak and present harnessing their confidence and clarity of thought and speach. They'll be provided with scenarios challenges and problems that they need to solve in order to progress through the day.  It's the ultimate week of fun and excitement inspiring students to develop a love for education and a excited curiosity.


Dates: 15th -19th August 2022

Time: 10.30am-1pm

Location: Students can join at the Happy Zivrap Studio or Online via Zoom.

Cost: £260 (£200 if you book before the 5th July 2022)

5 - a - Zivrap Week

£260.00 Regular Price
£200.00Sale Price