Artistically English!


Introducing a refreshingly exciting new program at Zivrap Education. Join us for Artistically English!


This term we're teaming up with the wonderful Artist, Diana Horton, to bring you a fantastic and creative blend of art expression and creative writing. In this three-day programme, your kids will have the opportunity to express themselves through the beautiful medium of artwork, including sculpture canvas and paint, in the morning. They’ll let their imagination run wild and allow their creativity to flow in a very energetic workshop. They’ll then build on this for an enthusiastic afternoon with pencils scratching excitedly across paper as they’re guided to create the most wonderful pieces of writing based on their earlier art work. Each day has a completely different creative theme designed to ignite a magical whirlwind of imaginative creativity.


Over three wonderful days, your child will explore wonderous and whacky themes from the more scientific, “Create your Own Virus”, to exploring the mesmerising movements of nature in, “The Bonfire”, as well as sparking curiosity and fearless spirit as we delve into discovery through the most exciting and entertaining of adventures for the theme of, “Journey and Escapades”.


This program is suitable for ages 8-18 and is a fantastic way to boost imaginative creativity, artistic and linguistic expression, vocabulary expansion, story structure, curiosity and analysis. Students will be split into age appropriate groups and they can join us in person at the Happy Zivrap Studio or Online  via Zoom from wherever they may be.


Dates: Mon 4th, Tues 5th, Weds 6th April 2022

Cost: £225 (£186.75 if booked before the 17th of March - Early Bird Booking Offer)

Time: 10am registration to 4.30pm finish

Book online here or email WhatsApp 07525233814


Be sure to include the following details in your booking

1. The best telephone number for us to contact you on

2. Your email address

3. Your name

3. Name of student


Online students will be sent a Zoom link once their booking has been received and confirmed. Should your child be joining us online, we may also wish to send you a few art materials to create a fully immersive experience before the session and we may ask you for a postal address to send these to you before the workshop. 


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