This Workshop will take place at our studio, this October 2021. 


With our winning formula, we've created a five-day, fun-filled but highly focused course that really breeds results!


Without exception, our Students receive outstanding feedback from the top schools in the country. Schools such as St Paul's', Westminster, Godolphin & Latymer have given our students Scholarships as well as sent them written accolade on the strength of their Comprehension and Creative Writing skills.


And parents report that it is after their child joined the Zivrap 11+ workshops that they saw their children succeed and their results soar. Year-on-year, we receive a multitude of gushing, "thank yous" from a plethora of elated parents.


With students gaining 100% in Comprehension, winning prizes and recognition for their story compositions at school and receiving up to 80% Scholarships when applying for school places, we couldn't possibly feel any prouder of the course that we have created!


We cover: Consortium examinations as well as regular 8+, 11+ and 13+ school entry examinations for all the key schools in and around London and the UK.


The course covers key examination techniques for Creative Writing, Comprehension and Verbal Reasoning. We also put students to the test under examination conditions with personalised feedback. We run a similar course in October and December, and these Courses also include an hour of Interview training at the end of the day.


Times:  11am-4pm

Dates:  25 October - 29 October 2021 

Location:  At the studio pending Corona Virus status

(Please ensure that you include your email address and telephone number at the time of purchase or send it to us via email at

Class Size: Maximum of 10 Students


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8+ 11+ 13+ Booster Course | 1 Week Full Day Sessions | October 2021

  • Refunds will only be provided with 1 week's notice or a doctor's note.