10 weeks of the most exciting and extraordinary Interview Training!


With eight years of extraordinary interview training experience behind us and a proven track record, our refined and original training programme is second to none! All students who train with us receive exceptional feedback on their interviews at schools across London and the UK.


Why? They stand out for all the right reasons.


With a unique and enjoyable training style, there's method in our madness. Our students thrive and excel in any interview setting, and we pride ourselves on the results!


These groups operate every Saturday at 4pm at our Studio. In the event of Coronavirus interruption, these sessions will be held online.



Time:  2pm Saturdays for 10 weeks

Starting date: 11th September 2021

Location : TBC

(Please ensure that you include your email address and telephone number at the time of purchase or send it to us via email at info@zivrap.com)

Group Size: Maximum of 10


For any further information email: info@zivrap.com or WhatsApp: 077525233814 and a member of our team will get in touch as soon as possible!


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Elocute!'s Interview Club TM | 10 Weeks | Autumn Term 2021