A confidence building workshop for under 12s that fills a whole week. From elements of our Debate by Elocute! TM Programme, our Happy&Healthy! TM Programme and our Lead! TM Programme. This Holiday Workshop helps students find their voice and their inner confidence.


Over 5 half-days we'll Cover:


1. How to cope with exams 

2. How to deal with bullies

3. How to assert yourself diplomatically

4. How to articulate your ideas, thoughts and opinions

5. How to lead a team effectively


These five days over Summer are the perfect way to ease in to the new Academic Year. 


Dates: Monday 23rd - Friday 27th August 2021

Time: 2pm-4pm

Location: Online - Join us from wherever you are

(Please ensure your email address and telephone number is included in your booking so that we can send over Zoom and Skype links)

Group Size: Maximum of 10 students per group



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It's Your World....Own It! TM Holiday Workshop for Under 12s | Summer 2021