5 Half-days filled with fun, laughter and an education about the world in we currently live and the leadership styles that have succeeded and failed within it.


Which leaders do we look to as a source of inspiration and guidance? What lessons can we learn about teamwork, motivation and leadership in our daily lives? How can we make the world better going forward?  We'll be asking and searching for answers to these questions and much more over 5 wonderful days of an extraordinary education. 


Format: Debate, Discussions, Senarios, Role Play, Team Work, Writing, Presenting and more. 


Time:  11am-1pm 

Dates: Monday 18th - Friday 22nd October 2021

Location: Online - Zoom

Group Size: Maximum of 10

Age Groups:    Group A: 8 - 11       Group B: 12-16

Zivrap Leadership Week