We're currently running all our sessions online until further notice. :-)


5 days, 5 different learning invigorating streams. 


The Aim: To provide students with a world view that they can articulate and discuss with panache! We want students to broaden their horizons, learn more about the world around them and how it all functions. Cruically, we want them to be able to discuss and articulate their thoughts and opinions with clarity and confidene.


These 5 days will encourage students to question, critically evaluate and analyse as well as hone their skills in Public Speaking, Discussion, Creative thinking  and Debate. Each week is completely different in terms of content and skill so that students can join as many times as they wish and always be excited by the challenges that we throw their way.


Students love these courses and ask us about them repeatedly throughout the year. At the end of the session we find that they are buzzing with excitement, curiosity and wonder. We thorougly enjoy leading these interative, fun-filled sessions and we absolutely adore watching our students grow in confidence, understanding and skill.  


An Extraordinary Education created exclusively for an extraordinary 5 days!


The 5 days are stuctured as follows:


Day 1: Debate

Day 2: A Creative Journey

Day 3: Leadership

Day 4: Happy & Healthy

Day 5: Money and Socio-Economics for Kids



          Easter Week:          12th -16th April 2021

          Summer Week 1:   23rd - 22nd August 2021


Suitable for ages 7-11.

Time: 11am - 1.30pm daily

Group Size: Max 15 to a group.

Online: Skype.  Details confirmed via email post confirmation of registration. 


Join us from wherever you might be travelling over the Holiday period! 


Given that we want students to spend half of their day exploring, reading and, crucially, not being tied to a screen aaaaallll day, we've reduced the timing of our usual day long Studio-based camps to half a day of online activity and provided a healthy discount to our normal day-long studio camps to relfect the change.

Holiday Camps - Your 5-a-day!

Which week will you be joining us?