What's it all about? From the fun to the more academic, this is a magical, light-hearted yet informative and educational club that students absolutely adore!


Each week, students will be split into different teams to learn how to ingest and process large chunks of information, critically analyse it and use it to form strong arguments. 


Every weeks there's a different case to crack, a fight for justice or the creation of policy to debate:

From "Who stole Amy's glasses?" to "Did Larry Cheat in his test and How?" and much much more. Each case will start from raw evidence and run all the way through to the court room and into the Houses of Parliament.  


The aim is to help build shape the next generation of thinkers, speakers and justice fighters.


Assists with: Public Speaking, Articulation, Persuasive Writing, Analytical and Interpretive Skills, Critical Thinking, Comprehension, Team Work and Presentation Skills.

Time: 3pm Saturdays

Location: For the Summer Term of 2022 we are operating online

(Please ensure that you include your email address and telephone number at the time of purchase or send it to us via email at info@zivrap.com)

Class Size: Maximum of 10 in a class.

Age: Suitable for ages 8-11.

Starting Dates:

Summer Term 2022: 7th May 2022 for 10 weeks.


When booking for online courses, please ensure that you include your email address and your mobile phone number so that we can contact you with regard to signing on for our sessions. You should receive an email on booking. However, if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via Telephone Call or via Whatsapp on 07525233814 or via email  info@zivrap.com 



1. Booking both the Young Detectives, Lawyers and Policy Makers Club (3pm on Saturdays) and Young Readers & Writers Club (4pm on Saturdays) together? We offer a 15% discount for the overall cost.


2. Booking both clubs and attending other activities with Zivrap Education during the week?  We offer a 25% discount on the overall cost of the Young Speakers & Leaders and Young Readers & Writers Club


Any questions on discounts, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07525233814 or via email info@zivrap.com


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Zivrap's Young Lawyers and Policy Makers | 10 Weeks | Summer Term 2022