It's not enough to mindlessly turn the pages of a book. You have to become immersed, engrossed, savouring each and every word. And that is what this little club has the capacity to do. Suitable for students to love to read as well as those who don't love reading quite as much. This club opens the door to literature leaving students inspired, amazed and excited by the power of the written word.


Each week we'll pour over a different author and a different extract, carefully unpacking the magic that lies within the words. Students will read, dissect, learn and then become inspired to write. 


The aim is to make reading and writing the most exciting and imaginative task that a student could ever envisage being a part of.  


Assists with: Literacy, Vocabulary Expansion, Comprehension, Literature Analysis, Critical Thinking, Language Use, Creative Writing, Structure and much, much more.

Time: 4pm Saturdays

Location: For the Spring Term of 2021 we are operating online

Class Size: Maximum of 10 in a class.

Age: Suitable for ages 8-11.

Starting Dates:

Spring Term 2021:     16th January 2021

Summer Term 2021: 1st May 2021


When booking for online courses, please ensure that you include your email address and your mobile phone number so that we can contact you with regard to signing on for our sessions. You should receive an email on booking. However if you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us via Telephone Call or via Whatsapp on 07525233814 or via email 



1. Booking both the Young Speakers & Leaders Club (3pm on Saturdays) and Young Readers & Writers Club (4pm on Saturdays) together? We offer a 15% discount for the overall cost.


2. Booking both clubs and attending other activities with Zivrap Education during the week?  We offer a 25% discount on the overall cost of the Young Speakers & Leaders and Young Readers & Writers Club


Any questions on discounts, please do not hesitate to contact us on 07525233814 or via email



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Young Readers & Writers Club - 10 Weeks Online

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