Over 10 magical weeks students will read, critically analyse and write creative pieces centred around one excellent piece of literary work. 


We aim to challenge our students with reading texts that are set beyond the syllabus and beyond their current reading stage. Whilst this may sound as though it could be a scary prospect, we've found a way to make it effortless, manageable and thoroughly enjoyable for every child. Our students often tell us "I thought this book would be boring, but now I love it." and "I'm so glad I'm reading this book!" and "I'm reading things differently now. More in depth."


We pride ourselves on our book clubs and the results that spring from them. They are fun-filled, thoughtful, creative clubs that build excellent foundations for future reading and future analytical thinking.


We run this club once a year. Once in the Spring Term and again in the Summer Term. Always on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm.


Time: 3pm on Saturdays in the Spring Term

Spring Term Start Dates: 22nd January 2022 

Suitable for ages: 8-11

Group Size: Maximum of 10 students


Book of choice for Spring: TBC


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Zivrap's Book Club | 10 weeks | Spring Term 2022