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Read & Write - English Reading and Writing Wizards 


Training students to read, critically analyse and write with panache sits at the heart of this programme.

It isn't enough to just read. One has to understand what they read. It isn't enough to write. One has to write with ease and clarity and beauty and magic. Words are a blessing and, as Yasmin learned in her time as a Magistrate and as a Teacher when they are used well,  words have unimaginable power.

We started to notice a worrying trend. A spate of students claimed to "hate reading" and "hate writing even more." We were shocked and saddened by this. Horrified too as it seemed to hold students back considerably. And it was this realisation that sparked the beginning of the READ! & WRITE! programme.


So we started to look for the holes in the educational curriculum, we tried to address what had gone wrong and why students hated reading and writing quite so much. We developed our own curriculum and exciting way of teaching to bring English to life and challenging our young students, we even built a library on site. And hey presto - suddenly things started to change. Our students began to love reading and writing, and not only that, most of them started gaining top marks at school.


With our training, our students read, write and critically analyse to a level beyond the school curriculum. We train students from primary school to GCSEs, A-levels and the IB.  

For further information on any of these courses, please email:


Press Play Books by Zivrap Education® is our extraordinary online programme that is specifically created and designed to target skills that assist with Comprehension, Creative Writing and Speaking from the comfort of home. 

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