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"Girls, It's your World... Own It!" - Online Podcasts

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"It's Your World... Own It!" For Teenagers! - Online Podcasts

  • Aimed at ages 5-13

  • Online Subscription

  • Helps improve Comprehension Skills, Creative Writing, Contextual Vocabulary Expansion, Structure, Diction and more.

  • Aimed at teenage girls

  • Online Subscription

  • Helps with Confidence  Building, Relationships, How to be Assertive, Keeping Safe, Navigating Teenage Years, Leadership, Gender Equity,  and more...

  • Aimed at all teenagers

  • Online Subscriptions

  • Helps with Confidence Building, Exam Pressures, Dealing with Anxiety, Healthy Choices, How to  Deal With Bullies, Healthy Relationships, Making Life Decisions, Leadership, Newsworthy topics and more...

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