Join Our Extraordinary Weekly Sessions

What makes our weekly sessions EXTRAORDINARY is that we aren't simply an academic centre. Whilst our students achieve academically, each session goes beyond simple academia and aims to incorporate useful life skills from our supplementary programmes to understand the world around them from kid-friendly politics to socio-economics we aim to set students up!

We are operating online for the time being but we've been perfecting our online teaching over the past few years so our students are having a blast! :-)

We invite new and potential students and their parents to a FREE Introductory Meet & Greet where you meet the team and discuss the requirements of your child.


We are entirely student focused in our discussion and our ethos is to be completely honest with our recommendations in order to breed the best results.

Three easy steps to getting started:

STEP 1:  Fill in the form below.

STEP 2: You will receive a call from a member of our team (please specify a preferred time and date in the text box should you have one). 

STEP 3:  Attend your Meet & Greet (Currently operating via Skype)

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Important Coronavirus Information

Depending on government advice, we intend to return to the Studio in September 2020 for those students who are keen to return to the studio setting. However, we will still continue running online sessions concurrently.


All we ask is that for the safety of our students and teachers, if you or a family member has been abroad or displayed symptoms of Coronavirus in the two weeks prior to your Meet!&Greet!, please meet us via Skype and then we can make a cohesive plan from there. We'd love to see you at our studio eventually - however, as that old adage goes, we'd also rather be safe than sorry!