What We Do



How and Why was Zivrap Education Created?

The brainchild of Dr Parviz Lakha MBBS, GDL, MSc, BSc, DPMSA, ALAM, ATCL  and Yasmin Lakha Cert Ed, Zivrap Education was created to build confidence and breed academic success. The Zivrap Teaching Syllabus is unique.  We take great pains to understand what students need making our education both bespoke and extraordinary. With tonnes of smiling, happy and successful kids enrolled as part of the Zivrap Community, the results speak for themselves! 



Our Aim

Our aim is to transform kids and young adults  into confident, articulateintelligent and happy young people by making education effortless and interesting.

We believe in an educational process that has community at the centre of it and we work to create an environment that is supportive, encouraging and nurturing.

We work with students aged 5-12 with our online books (see Press Play Books by Zivrap Education®  and ages 6 to 18 with Weekly Sessions and Workshops, Clubs and Camps at our studio.


Our students fall in love with the written and spoken  English language and develop a passion for learning. We know that for most students, speaking in front of a crowd, fully comprehending and analysing texts, writing beautiful English pieces and grappling with the examinations process can be daunting, confusing, pressurised and scary. We aim to make to make all of that easier.    



Our Programmes


Our two core programmes are the ELOCUTE! by Zivrap Education ® programme and the READ!&WRITE! by Zivrap Education ® programme. These tried and tested programmes train our students to become excellent public speakers, communicators, debaters, interviewees, writers, readers, critical analysers and thinkers.


With our supplementary programmes encourage our students to become effective leaders with a balanced approach to life, self-worth and a develop a head for financial savvy . 


Whatever the programme our students are enrolled onto, we train all of them to think outside of the box and think laterally; developing their innovation abilities, critical thinking and analytical skills.


We take great pride in being recognised creative innovators in the education sector and have created our own syllabus with our very own teaching methods including games and learning activities all of which are designed specifically to complement and improve upon what students learn in school. 


At the studio we find ourselves constantly jumping for joy because all of our students, without exception, will at some point morph into well rounded high achievers- attaining public speaking awards, academic awards, top marks in exams and gaining places at the top schools in London.


Make no mistake, not all of our students are top of the class when they first join us. As one mother recently told us, "I don't know how you do it, our kids were just middle of the road, average, bobbing along. And then you came along and you changed all of that.  Now they are achieving wonderful things and a world of opportunity just opened up to them and it's all thanks to you." 

So with a sprinkling of magic, bags of enthusiasm and tonnes of inspiration, we make education that much more fun, that much more special, that much more interesting and much, much easier all round. In short, we make education an extraordinary experience.


Why train with us?

For School

We train students as a general adjunct to school work - assisting them as they power through their years at school.  We've taken students from scoring low or average in general school tests and exams to scoring  90% and above. Furthermore, our training helps students develop in confidence and opens up a world of opportunity both inside and outside of school.

Additionally, we train students in Creative Writing, Comprehension and Interview specifically for the 8+, 10+, 11+ and 13+ exams as well as for SATs, GCSEs and A levels and Interview and UCAS for University entry.

We have achieved some wonderful results in this domain with students gaining entry to all the top schools in London which include: Westminster Under, Westminster Upper School, Eton, St Paul's Junior school, St Paul's Girls and Boys, City of London,  Kings College Wimbledon, Godolphin and Latymer, Putney High, St James', Lady Eleanor Hollis, Sussex House, Lady Margret's, Grey Coats as well as all the other popular schools in London and beyond (for those taught long distance via Skype).

We've also taken both GCSE and A-level students from predicted C grades to attaining A* grades in their final exam.

For Personal Growth and Development.

Students work with us throughout the year on a plan that is specifically designed to meet their requirements.  This might include joining the ELOCUTE! TM programme in order to build confidence, learn how to speak in public or develop debating skills, interview skills or social skills (interacting effectively with peers) OR joining the READ!&WRITE! TM programme to develop English writing, reading  and analysisSome students may benefit from a combination of the programmes and we'll tailor training to suit student needs and create opportunities required to assist learning and development.

These core programmes can be augmented by signing up for our LEAD! TM , HAPPY!&HEALTHY! TM  and MONEY! TM    programmes designed to assist our young students in becoming well-rounded individuals with a solid foundation of necessary life-skills.

For External Public Speaking Exams.

We train students for both the LAMDA and Trinity College examinations. Our students have scored remarkably well with 85%-100% of our students achieving distinction marks in yearly cohorts over the past 6 years. We can proudly reveal that the top mark received has bee 100/100 with an overwhelming number of students gaining marks of 90+! 


Whilst we fully appreciate it's not all about getting top marks, we believe these results reflect the passion, joy and skill that our students gain from their time at Zivrap Education.

How to train with us...

We offer numerous training environments in which students can learn depending on a student's learning requirements: Click here for more information.

One-to-One Studio    Skype Sessions   Shared Sessions

Online Subscriptions


Group Sessions     Workshops      Clubs

We invite new and potential students and their parents to an Introductory Meet & Greet where you have an opportunity to meet the team and discuss the requirements of your child. We then look at which of our options would suit your child best in terms of their development and tailor a bespoke programme that caters for their individual needs. We are entirely student focused in our discussion and our ethos is to be completely honest with our recommendations in order to breed the best results.

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Due to the rather awful pandemic, we are running all weekly sessions, clubs and camps Online until September 2021! email: info@zivrap.com for more.